Os presentamos a nuestros Learning Teacher Assistants, personal nativo especializado en perfeccionar la pronunciación y las habilidades comunicativas en inglés de nuestros alumnos.

Además de la larga experiencia que poseen en ello, poseen una gran creatividad en los métodos de enseñanza y una gran iniciativa en el desarrollo de las actividades.

El objetivo del centro es promover un aprendizaje multilingüe y una mentalidad y visibilidad global que les permita desenvolverse adecuadamente en entornos internacionales y multiculturales.


                                                                                                    SUSANNAH CHAMBERLAIN


Hello everyone, I am Susannah, or Miss Susie to our youngest students. I have been Miss Susie for las last 20 years, whilst carrying out different roles in Early Years, working in International, British and Spanish concertado schools in Madrid.  Born in Scotland, I lived in the South of England for most of my life until 2001 I made a change and came to Madrid. Still loving living in this wonderful area, the Sierra of Madrid and am now thrilled to be carrying out teaching support to infants pupils in this innovative, forward thinking school, in English of course!


                                                                                                              SHANNEL JULIUS

Hello, I am Shannel Julius, a 3rd year Language Assistant at Laude Fontenebro. Originally from Brooklyn, NY I moved to Spain in 2018 to get a masters in translation. Prior to working at Laude Fontenebro, I had worked in schools in both the United States and other cities in Spain ;what I’ve found at Laude Fontenebro is something truly unique. It’s Laude’s individualized curriculum , dedicated teachers and eager students that has kept me here. This year , I’m working with Early Years and the most joyous part is seeing children I have known since they were 2&3 years old flourish in this loving and nurturing environment.


                                                                                                               MARK GILES

Hello my name is Mark Giles and I am originally from London. I have worked as an Auxiliar at Laude Fontenebro for the last 2 years and previously in the same role in the public system. I specialise in the Cambridge exams, especially PET and KEY and therefore work mainly with 4to, 5to and 6to but also love getting involved in as many other activities as possible.
I have a BSc in Marine Geography from Cardiff University and have worked previously in a school in New Zealand and a variety of different companies in London before moving to Madrid.
I have hugely enjoyed my time so far as an auxiliar, helping the children with their English and other activities. The bilingual education scheme is something I strongly believe in and am proud to be part of.


                                                                                                          RACHAEL WALLEY

Hi!  My name is Rachael Walley and I am the teaching assistant for years 1,2 and 3. I am from a very small village in England but I have been living in Spain for about 12 years now.  I have worked as a language assistant in primary and secondary schools and I am really excited about joining the team in Laude Fontenebro.  I love teaching English through hands-on actvities and making learning  lots of fun.  I am passionate about the environment and am so happy that Laude Fontenebro is an eco-school.  I can’t wait to join the team!