Environmental Education & Emotional Education

This week, to celebrate Environmental Education Day, we read the story “Blue Monster”, the story of a group of friends who grew up believing that they could play with nature regardless of the consequences of their actions. In the end they will learn to have fun without harming their environment. Blue Monster is a wonderful […]

We collapse our fears

Taking advantage of Halloween we have been talking about our fears, identifying which were real and which were imaginary. In general, his main fear could not be other than the fear of the coronavirus, that fear that has invaded us so much for months :(. They have written or drawn their fears on a piece […]

The yearning of the hug

Trying to adapt to current times and trying to create spaces to “get out and share” how we are feeling, we have held sessions in Elementary Emotional Education where we have identified what emotions we have felt in the confinement stage, how we have expressed them and how we have managed those that we find […]


“Zorro had had a long and happy life, but now he was tired. He looked at his beloved forest one last time and fell asleep… forever. ” Coinciding with Halloween and All Saints’ Day, the 1st and 2nd EPO classes had the opportunity to see a very special story called “The Tree of Memories” (Ed. […]