On many occasions you will have heard us comment, both to me and to other music teachers, that musical practice brings great benefits. Both singing and instrumental performance favor the development of skills such as memory, attention, concentration, coordination, motor skills, creativity, etc. But today I would like to highlight another very important aspect that […]


It was the Greeks who first included music in their educational system. Greece has offered history a lofty example of the spirit that should animate musical education from childhood. The Early Years stage is the perfect age to develop sensoriality, imagination, language, sense of rhythm, vocal and corporal expressiveness, memory, emotional balance, self-esteem, creativity through […]


Everyone knows the importance that music has had in our humanity. Already in ancient Greece it was one of the disciplines that was given the most importance, its study being mandatory. Later in the Middle Ages Minstrels and Troubadours appeared relating music and secular texts. This made possible an approach of music to the people. […]


During the month of September, through playful activities, the 5-year-old students have been learning to identify some instruments of the string family. The learning objectives have been: Learn the name of each instrument in Spanish and English Recognize the shape of each instrument Recognize the timbre of each instrument Nina Pavlova Gergova Music Teacher in […]


During the month of September the 2-year-olds have begun to familiarize themselves with percussion instruments. The learning objectives have been: Learn the name of some percussion instrument. Recognize the timbre of each instrument. Recognize the shape of each of them. Use them to set the pulse of music.   Nina Pavlova Gergova Music Teacher in […]


On October 8th we show our solidarity with the inhabitants of the island of La Palma who are suffering the terrible consequences of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The families of our students made donations of clothes, food, etc., and in the school we met the students of Primary Ed to show our […]

Bring me little water Sylvie

We went out to the Jardin de la Mariquita Juanita to interpret outdoors the songs of the Choir of Emotions that we have been preparing during several sessions in the music class. In this video, 5th graders perform a 1936 song by American author Leadbell. They sing in three voices and we have added an […]

Las labradoras de Murcia

The 5th Primary students have been learning a lot about the 18th century. In the subject of Music they have learned a song that is part of the zarzuela “Las labradoras de Murcia” (one of the first that was composed in Spain at that time).    

El legado del Barroco

In sixth grade we have worked on the song “Memories”, by Marroon 5. This has led us to go back to the end of the seventeenth century. You may wonder why. Well, for their song, Maroon 5 has used the same chord sequence with which Johann Pachelbel (prominent German composer and organist) composed the famous […]

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