Our first steps “in the functions”

First steps in the functions … And never better said! In 1st year of Secondary, we are learning, for the first time, the functions that will accompany us throughout our academic and probably professional career. We have worked them from the concept of “function machine” and transformations, with Geogebra, with pencil and paper … And […]

We manipulate the geometry to understand it better

All geometric bodies have many elements that are important to know, but it is not always easy to understand or visualize them, nor do all of us have the same facility to imagine or interpret them from a flat drawing. Knowing geometry, understanding it and constructing it is very important for students. It develops creativity, […]

Geometry and everyday objects

In the subject of Mathematics, the first-year Secondary students have worked and investigated in groups, to apply knowledge about areas and volumes to objects in their daily lives. Together they have gathered different containers to model as cylinders and prisms (mainly soda cans, boxes and milk cartons). They have used different strategies to take the […]

Gimkana Scientist_Mathematics

Gimkana Scientist-Mathematics March 2021 Mathematics Month In November 2019, the 40th General Conference of UNESCO proclaimed March 14 of each year as the International Day of Mathematics and from that moment, the month of March activities for the teaching and dissemination of mathematics are carried out throughout the world. world. Throughout the month, we have […]

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