FonTV on Fire!

The FonTV Film Crew alumni are working hard recording all end-of-year school events, such as the Primary Festival, kindergarten and elementary graduations, swimming lessons, and elementary theaters. The editing room looks like a professional production company with secondary students from all courses editing the end-of-year videos for the rest of the stages. This way, they […]

Retotech 2021 Final Event

At last, the time has come! Our super team has presented its project “The Beverage Factory” at the Retotech 2021 of the Endesa Foundation. As we have advanced throughout the course, this project is very complete, having worked from almost all subjects integrating learning from various areas such as science, arts, mathematics, English, Spanish language, […]

ISP Film Festival: It’s Showtime!

Finally, the opportunity has come to see the work done for several months by all the participants in the ISP Film Festival. A total of 33 teams from ISP schools around the world have participated in this fantastic activity in which they have been able to learn about audiovisual production. All teams have made a […]

Mirrors, angles and geometry

In Geometry class, in 1st year of ESO, we have worked on angles, symmetries and mosaics using protractors, geometric figures and mirrors. Through research, manipulation and the creation of patterns, we have deduced and learned properties of geometric figures, from the measures of their angles that are formed in each figure from the combination of […]

Laude Fontenebro at Retotech 2021

This Schol year we are participating at Retotech 2021 from the Endesa Foundation with 6th-grade students. As usual for us, we have included our participation in this robotics competition within our project-based learning. 6th-grade students have been working on the STEAM PROJECT: BEVERAGE FACTORY all year long. The BEVERAGE FACTORY project is a STEAM project […]


We are pleased to announce that the ISP family has a new member: British School of Geneva, located in Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland. The school offers an excellent education to more than 200 students of 70 different nationalities, mainly children from local families based in Geneva. It is recognized as the only local international school offering […]

Girls who code

Coding is an important subject for all students here at Fontenebro. We start working with Beebots in the Early Years stage and keep increasing the difficulty through primary all the way to secondary and Bachillerato using different robotics platforms and programming languages. Year after year we have participated in the Week of Code organised by […]