I’m Julia, the Coordinator of Early Years Education, but my real vocation has been teaching infants. I love kids, especially when they are at this age. Working with kids is one of the best parts of my life, and coming here to MY SCHOOL every morning for the last 20 years is too. I have grown in personal and professional ways here. I have been able to progress and show that being the leader of a teaching and learning process is no easy task, but rather a challenge to be pursued.

Early Years Education is one of the most important stages in our children’s schooling, and this is how we approach it at our school. Experiences in the first years of life are of great importance for our later development as adults, and it is vital that we adequately support the teaching and learning process to foster the full development of their skills and talent.

We look closely at how our children learn, what interior mechanisms are engaged, how their brains function, and what role emotions and feelings play. We offer them a multitude of experiences to tap into their full potential using a range of methods, allowing them to play with and experience what they are learning. This will enable our children to grow and mature every day, in a supportive and caring environment.

This is where they will take their first steps as people, taking them on their way to becoming well-rounded, critical-thinking, creative and competent citizens with the tools to succeed.

I hope we are succeeding in it !! I invite you to meet us !!

Julia García Morán