Madrid North School: Discover our school in the north of Madrid

We have created an academic experience adapted to the needs of each student. With a clear international vocation, we offer a bilingual program based on the participation and practical use of the language, in this way the student acquires a basic knowledge from their first school years, which allows them to continue progressing in the learning of the language throughout their academic life.

Laude Fontenebro is a school in northern Madrid that includes new technologies as part of the daily learning process. ICTs are fundamental tools in any work environment, it is very important that students become familiar with new technologies and develop skills related to the technological environment. In our school we think that this kind of learning will be significant for their future. 

What makes us the best school in Madrid North?

What distinguishes us from other schools in the northern area of Madrid are our teaching programs, the international learning of our school and our individualized teaching. 

Innovative educational programs

Emotional education, training in new technologies or training in values are fundamental in our school programs. Our aim is to provide students with a series of tools with which they can become citizens prepared for the challenges of the future.

International Programs

We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an association of 47 schools in 17 countries, which allows us to offer our students international experiences that go beyond language learning. 

Individualized instruction

We offer each student what he/she needs at all times, with a personalized education from the first years. Following this method, the student has everything he/she needs during his/her academic development.

¿Por qué un programa educativo bilingüe?

Las razones para elegir un colegio bilingüe internacional están relacionadas con el futuro curricular del alumno, sin embargo, existen otras razones por las que el aprendizaje de un segundo idioma es muy positivo a edades tempranas.  

Más salidas profesionales para los alumnos

Una vez se incorporen al mercado laboral, aprender un idioma multiplica sus posibilidades de encontrar el trabajo que buscan, les permitirá ser felices dedicándose a aquello que les guste. 

Desarrollo cognitivo y comunicativo

El aprendizaje de un idioma mejora las habilidades cognitivas y comunicativas, tanto en el presente como a largo plazo. 

Mayor rendimiento académico

Las capacidades que desarrolla una persona mediante el aprendizaje de un idioma se pueden aplicar a otros ámbitos del aprendizaje. 

School in Madrid North for all educational stages

Each educational stage has a crucial importance, our private school in Madrid has developed an educational program based on the evolution of the student throughout each academic phase. 


The infant stage focuses on basic knowledge, which will be developed in later years, but also includes the development of personal autonomy, emotional management and social skills. 


During the primary years the student develops reading comprehension, the basics of mathematical logic, incorporates ICTs for the first time or has his first contact with science. This technical knowledge is complemented by an education in values, a fundamental process for their future.  


In these four years, students learn a series of technical knowledge oriented to their future working life, but it is also important that during this phase students develop values such as self-confidence, respect, empathy and creativity. 


The pre-university course is the last phase in our school. At this time it is essential to have the personalized guidance that each student needs, and the knowledge that will be the basis of their subsequent university education.

Advantages of Fontenebro School in Madrid North for your children

At Laude Fontenebro we are more than just a good school in the northern area of Madrid, we are an educational reference in the Community of Madrid due to our programs, the personalized dedication and the results that we obtain with our students year after year. 


Educational Excellence 

Our main objective is to achieve real educational excellence, through personalized teaching and different academic programs that focus on technical and emotional education. 

We work on the digital competence of our students

The use of information and communication technologies is already a reality. To facilitate their access to the working environment of the future, we insist on digital learning and its advantages from the early stages of school. 

Personalized learning based on motivation

One of our priorities is to work on the emotional aspect. Each student has a series of personal needs that must be addressed in a common environment, where they can share their experience with other students. 

Guidance programs for students

We put our educational experience at the service of our students through different orientation programs, we want to help our students to make the best decision for their future.

If you are looking for a school in Madrid North, we are the ones for you!

The best schools in Madrid must offer their students international programs, guidance during all school stages, emotional support and personalized school programs. Only Laude Fontenebro assures your children the best educational experience, with programs focused on their needs and their future. 

For us, providing an excellent language program is very important, that is why we work with different teaching techniques, oriented to the learning of other languages.  

What differentiates us from other schools in Madrid North?

Among the characteristics that differentiate us from other private schools in Madrid, we highlight the following. 

Great leisure, sports and cultural facilities

Our school has a heated swimming pool and an indoor sports center among other sports facilities, which are completed with several laboratories, classrooms for special uses, library, etc.

Multilingual teaching

We have created a multilingual teaching experience where the student naturally integrates the daily use of other languages. 

Values based on integral education and respect

Beyond the school obligations, we insist on teaching values based on respect, solidarity and self-confidence, preparing our students to be the citizens of tomorrow. 

Digital learning from the very beginning

We incorporate ICTs throughout all stages of learning, allowing them to become familiar with the working tools of the future. 

Get to know the environment of our school located in the Sierra de Madrid Visit us!

Our school is located in a privileged natural area, very close to the Guadarrama mountain range. To this natural space we add all kinds of facilities oriented to sports practice and personalized teaching.

Madrid Norte School, registration deadline

The registration period is now open, if you want to know more about our admissions process, just visit our website. 

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