There are a number of extracurricular activities that complement academic work, including sports schools (judo, yoga, basketball, swimming, lifeguarding, rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics, etc.), the school of art, school of dance, school of music (violin, piano, guitar, drums, etc.), chess and the school of logical thought, etc.

To sign up for extracurricular activities, please fill out the application form and hand it in to the Secretary’s Office. For more information, please call the office on (+34) 91 857 89 42.

Any applicable discounts will always apply to the activity with the lowest price.
The extracurricular activities take place at Laude Fontenebro School (Moralzarzal) and are open to students of the school and of other schools.
If you want to join the school of music, please click on the following link: School of Music

Lifeguard course

Lifeguard courses at Moralzarzal 2017
To join the lifeguard courses, please fill out the following application forms:

Application form for pool lifeguard

Application form for pool lifeguard retraining course